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Wharetoa Genetics in Practice

Performance of Wharetoa Genetics Commercial Flock.

The success of any ram purchases is always governed by the productivity of the progeny.

Our own commercial flock is predominantly Texel and Coopworth (Wharetoa Maternal) ewes.

They are mated to 50% Wharetoa Texel x Suffolk Rams and 50% Wharetoa Maternal Rams.

We only use ram hoggets, 90% are then sold as two tooths the following year.

The following Alliance Graph show the performance of our lambs vs the average of my Alliance Reps clients for Meat yield and Live weight.

Our lambs are consistently in the top 5% of Alliance suppliers for Meat Yield.

Our mean kill date is consistently Mid January. Last season, 2017-2018, because of the dry Dec-Jan, was a very difficult year to fatten lambs. We still killed 45% of our commercial stock lambs at weaning @17.95kg.

In January 2018 (because of the dry Dec – Jan) we sold 15% of our total lamb kill as store.

The average weight for lambs killed was 18.65kg and for ewes was 31.1kg.



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