Open Day
Friday 30 November 2018

On Farm Auction
Friday 21 December 2018


I regard my strength as a ram breeder to be breeding structurally sound, high genetic merit rams.

To achieve this objective we use all available technology; Sheep Improvement Ltd, Animate, Eye muscle scanning, Viascan information, Electronic ID.

Both our Maternal and Terminal sires are bred for traits that will maximise farm profitability.


  • High growth rate
  • High meat yield
  • Survival


  • High number of lambs weaned
  • Excellent mothering traits
  • Survival
  • High growth rate
  • High meat yield
  • Tolerance to disease
  • Wool

All rams sold are in top 25% of their weaned group and are structurally sound.

All rams presented on sale day I would be happy to use myself.



Meatmaker (Poll Dorset x Texel)

  • High yielding
  • Exceptional muscling
  • Excellent carcass conformation
  • Myomax tested

Download Genetic Trend Graphs

Texel X Suffolk

Meatmaker x Suffolk

  • High yielding
  • Exceptional Muscling
  • Superior Growth
  • Myomax tested


  • Excellent terminal sire
  • High yielding
  • Fast growth
  • Easily identified progeny
  • Myomax tested

Download Genetic Trend Graphs



Wharetoa Maternal (Texel x Coopworth)

The Maternal Breed with the Growth and Meat of a Terminal.

  • High fertility
  • Excellent mothering ability
  • Exceptional carcass conformation
  • High meat yielding lambs
  • Myomax tested

Download Genetic Trend Graphs – 1

Download Genetic Trend Graphs – 2



  • 200% fertility
  • High lamb survival
  • Very good growth
  • Very good meat yield

Download Genetic Trend Graphs

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